About Kev’s Kars

History of Kev’s Kars

Kev’s Kars was opened in 1984 out of a love for cars and an intense desire to do quality automotive repairs. Starting out very small and growing a customer-base based on word-of-mouth and customer satisfaction, Kev’s Kars has grown to the Auto Body and Auto Repair Shop it is today.

We strive to hire the best employees, have low turn-over and provide awesome customer service. We are passionate about knowing our customers, understanding their needs, and delivering quality auto body and auto repair services each and every day.

Our Promise

Kev’s Kars Inc. is dedicated to providing the highest quality mechanical and collision automotive repairs to our customers on a consistent basis, day in and day out. It is knowledge, skill, thoroughness, and care which have earned our customer’s respect in the past and will continue to insure exceptional automotive service for them in the future.

Quality assurance

Our goal is to provide a wide range of highly technical automotive services that meet our customer’s needs at the best possible prices without sacrificing quality of workmanship.

"Was extremely impressed with not only the quality job performed, but also the quality people working there. Extremely efficient."