Tire Rotation and Wheel Balancing

Need New Tires?

After being in business for over 25 years, we feel tires are the most overlooked part on our customer’s vehicles. Worn-out tires contribute to vehicles leaving the road or being involved in collisions. Tires are stamped on the side wall to indicate when they are manufactured, and they need to be replaced when they become old or worn out. A good indication of old tires is when you see cracks in the side wall, but the tread indicators are not yet worn.

Kev’s Kars can give you advice on your tires, including checking wear indicators and looking at manufacture dates to see if your tires need replacing for safe driving. We offer specials from time to time on tires of all kinds, so call us at (504) 466-1281 to learn more.

Vehicle Alignment

Vehicle out of alignment
In today’s vehicles, wheel alignment is critical. Vehicles are built with more “feel for the road“, and an alignment is very important in keeping control. Kev’s Kars has the ability to perform wheel alignments with the latest infrared technology.

Kev’s Kars’ techs are trained to diagnosis any problem related to front vehicle steering, suspension or rear alignment. Also, Kev’s Kars checks any issues that might occur with struts, shocks, or vehicle ride height and air bags. Call Kev’s Kars to schedule an appointment to have your vehicle’s alignment checked.

Wheel Balancing

Tire/wheel balancing
We use an electronic wheel balance machine to perform a radial run-out and balance your tires while you wait in our comfortable waiting room. We also include a tire rotation for free with the purchase of wheel balance. Please ask for this service when you make an appointment for your next oil change service.

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