Tune-ups & Preventative Maintenance

Kev’s Kars offers a multi-point inspection of your vehicle, which can prevent a costly repair due to a lack of maintenance. It is important to have your vehicle’s fuel system flushed, to get necessary tune-ups, and to have regularly scheduled lube, oil and filter changes performed to extend the life of your vehicle. Our technicians attend automotive training year-round to keep up with the latest technology for diagnosis and repair of your vehicle. Call Kev’s Kars with all of your vehicle maintenance questions.

Routine Tune-ups

Preventative maintenance and  vehicle tune-upsKev’s Kars provides tune-ups and preventative maintenance to Kenner and Greater New Orleans. Proper maintenance of your car’s engine can help extend its life and performance.

Oil Changes

Oil and filter changes

Routine oil and filter changes is one of the most important maintenance steps you can perform to ensure the reliability of your engine.

Belts & Hoses

Engine belts and hoses

Let the certified technicians at Kev’s Kars check spark plugs and wires, change your oil, replace the air filter, and other measures to help your car last as long as possible.

Fuel Injector Service

Fuel injection cleaning service

We use the latest equipment to test your vehicle’s fuel system flushed and to ensure your fuel injectors are performing properly.

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